Despite only a few on Cornwall Council, the Labour Group punches well above its weight! Declaring the Climate Emergency and committing to 2030 carbon neutrality were high profile Labour-led victories. But so much more has been achieved. The Labour Group:

  • Proposed and won a 2019 alternative budget to put £3.5 million towards mental healthcare in schools, the first ever successful budget challenge of this Council.

  • Successfully proposed a motion supporting Marcus Rashford’s campaign on child poverty stating that children of parents on Universal Credit should receive free school meals.

  • Brought a council motion that led to a new Responsible Procurement Policy ensuring many council contracts now default to Cornish suppliers.  Contractors are judged for the Social and Environmental Value that they provide to Cornwall.

  • Were prominent advocates of the adoption of the Foundation Living Wage, and the Ethical Care Charter, which improves the pay, terms and conditions of Cornish care workers.

  • Chaired the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Inquiry Report into the state of Cornish Private Rented Sector Housing with accepted recommendations on licensing, better treatment for renters and rent caps.

  • Held a seat on the Pensions Committee and fought for and achieved a new Responsible Investment Policy with commitments to drastically cut the amounts our Local Government Pension Fund invests in carbon.

  • On second homes, the Council has now voted twice on Labour motions to scrap the tax loophole for holiday lets and second homes, support a Council Tax Levy on second homes and redirect the money for the purpose of providing social housing.


But that is not the limit of our ambitions. With your vote, a Labour Council would:

  • Lead a transformation of public spending, ensuring every pound spent in Cornwall puts something back into the community, its people and its environment, increasing local ownership and reducing outsourcing, supporting and building Cornish businesses, co-operatives and Community Interest Companies.

  • Turbo charge social/council housing provision. We also want to change the definition of affordable, all so that local people on their local wages can live well in Cornwall.

  • Accelerate Cornish devolution. Support launching regional investment banks where spending decisions are taken in Cornwall. Make Cornwall a Foundation Living Wage area. Keep planning and housing decisions local, rather than in Bristol or Westminster.

  • Maximise the huge opportunity to invest in our green infrastructure and own the future of energy in Cornwall.

  • Take local control of local transport. Make it affordable, low carbon and re-open branch train lines.

  • Save our high streets. Invest in empty buildings and put homes back above shops.

  • Push the government to close business rates loopholes for second homes. Ringfence future taxes arising for Cornish social housing provision.

  • Provide quality council (and support co-operative) owned and run care for our elderly and vulnerable with decent terms and conditions for workers.

  • Push hard for fairer health and care funding for Cornwall. Too many of our buildings are run down & no longer fit for purpose. We need more staff and more beds so people can be treated closer to home.

  • Bring leisure facilities back under Cornwall’s control and keep them open. Provide more vital youth services.                                          


Since 2017, Cornwall has voted Labour more than ever before. The track record of Labour councillors is clear. Vote Labour on 6 May and give us the mandate to secure, protect and rebuild Cornwall.