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£150,000 Bid to revitalise Falmouth centre

Our bid for £150,000 for plans to revitalise Falmouth town centre has gone in. Result expected at the end of April. Fingers crossed.

For more information, here is an article from Falmouth Hub News last November:

Falmouth bid being put together for revitalisation fund

Towns across Cornwall are being invited to apply for part of a £1million pot of money to help them advance revitalisation plans - and Falmouth is set to lodge a bid.

Cornwall Council’s Town Centre Revitalisation Fund aims to help town centres explore ways that they can become more vibrant and offer the right mix to see high streets flourish.

Town Councils will be able to apply on behalf of their town partnerships for grant funding to take forward development work that will improve the economic, social and environmental revitalisation of their high streets.

Cornwall Councillor for Falmouth Smithick, Jayne Kirkham, told Nub News:

"The Town Council, the BID and Placeshaping Committee has already done some work on potential improvements for the town centre, particularly around Prince of Wales pier and Church Street Car Park.

"Improving the water facing parts of the town and access to the water, particularly disabled access, as well as the main street. To bring people into all parts of the town centre.

"However, a Falmouth bid will be put together specifically for this sum of money and further suggestions from anyone who lives in or cares about Falmouth are welcome."

Town Councils will be supported by their Cornwall Council Community Link Officers to submit a grant application once they have set up a town team, agreed their town vision and have a clear plan as to how this funding can support them with their ambitions.

Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Economy, Tim Dwelly, added:

"This funding is an opportunity to explore improvements that could turn the tide and help town centres become more vibrant – cleaner, greener, safer places for everyone."

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