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A good day!

Today was one of those days when I realise the amount of variety in the job and how lucky I am to do it.

I spent a lot of today working on the budget figures. We don’t like the Conservatives’ damaging and dangerous £59 million of cuts budget. We might try to change it!

I had an hour talking to Mawnan WI who were brilliant and I really hope some of them get involved in politics.

I filed my newspaper column and then had an hour being briefed by the Chief Executive of the Council on staff changes. More cuts. Depressing.

Then a meeting to set the agenda for the Learning Disability Partnership Board that I chair. Lots of questions on how people will be affected by Cornwall’s critical incident in care and health as the media statement talked about moving care packages from working age people to the elderly. Will service users lose their care? Respite care is already been used as step down beds for people coming out of hospital and some day centres are closing.

After that the weekly meeting of our brilliant Labour group and Labour Party meetings in the evening.

In between I worked on things as diverse as homelessness, planning the Queen’s Jubilee events in Falmouth, fly tipping and planning.

Tomorrow it’s a Cabinet meeting and a visit to Falmouth School to try to persuade more people to get involved in politics.

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