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A positive step! The first successful call in of a Cornwall Council decision for six years...

Statement from Cllr Laurie Magowan and myself after our successful Call-In of Cabinet’s decision to shut Ships and Castles today - ————————- We are pleased that the cross-party Cornwall Council Customers Scrutiny Committee agreed with our Call-In of the Conservative Cabinet’s decision to close Ships and Castles Leisure Centre without adequate evidence for their decision or taking all the relevant matters into account.

The Scrutiny Committee unanimously asked the Cabinet to re-consider the decision to close Ships and Castles, particularly bearing the following in mind:

a) The cost of closure and security

b) The impact on the old, the young and the disabled

c) The environmental, social and economic impact of the decision, including the potential for partnership working between the bidders and the availability of alternative funding schemes.

Cabinet will have to re-visit their decision and justify their conclusion at an emergency meeting this Wednesday at New County Hall.

We are pleased that this incredibly important decision to close a public health facility serving over 40,000 of the people of Cornwall will now get the time, consideration and scrutiny that it deserves and should have had from the start. Cabinet members, as decisionmakers, should make sure they have all the relevant information in front of them this time.

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