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Canvassing in Penwerris.

Last night I was out with Eamonn Murphy knocking on some doors in Penwerris. Thank you to the residents of Berkeley Mews/Hill for being so nice to chat to. It’s been a long time since I’ve been canvassing, because of the pandemic, but now the rule of 6 outside is back we’ve been tentatively trying. It’s been lovely. So you’ll see me out in Penwerris most days now. Please talk to me! Penwerris leafleting this morning. And meeting Heidi and some of the students at the Quarry and residents in Penwerris Lane, Meadowbank Road, Langton Rd and Glasney. And giving out some posters on Wellington Terrace which is one half Penwerris division and one half Arwenack! Good to see your posters in Arwenack Laurie Magowan Emily Seiler Jude Robinson I really do need my roots done now!

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