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Cornwall and Falmouth Council election wins for Labour

(Falmouth Packet 02 February 2018)

Labour's Jayne Kirkham and Louise Coley victorious in Falmouth by-elections called following death of Candy Atherton

Labour Party candidates swept to victory in both the town and county by-elections for the Smithick ward in Falmouth yesterday.

The elections were called following the death of Labour councillor, and former Labour MP, Candy Atherton in October and saw candidates from the three main political parties, plus the Green Party, battle it out.

The results for the Cornwall Council seat are: Jayne Kirkham Labour, 643; John Spargo, Lib Dem, 184; Richard Cunningham, Conservative, 184 and Tom Scott, Green Party, 57.

The Falmouth Town Council results are: Louise Coley, Labour, 583; Jeffrey Muir, Lib Dem, 202; Richard Cunningham, Conservative, 181; Tom Scott, Green Party, 99.

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