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Cornwall’s Climate Emergency Declaration

As we come to the end of the Council, it’s a good time to look back on what we achieved.

I hadn’t been a councillor long when this happened.

Sue James had a motion on the Climate Emergency that Labour supported. Unfortunately the LibDems didn’t and they watered the motion down to writing a Climate Change ‘report’.

We knew that Cornwall could do better and so I proposed an amendment to that motion to declare a Climate Emergency and put in a 2030 target for Carbon neutrality, with support from environmental campaigners and Martyn Alvey.

This is the 8 minutes where I made my summing up speech, the amendment was voted through and Cornwall became the first large rural authority to declare a Climate Emergency. We became a trailblazer! It’s a moment I will never forget.

Since then the report has been published and although it has been a hard push, there HAS been progress in Cornwall.

I’m proud of Cornwall’s Climate Emergency Declaration and our ambitious 2030 target and I’m damn proud that it was me, a Labour councillor, that proposed it.

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