Falmouth's housing emergency

I was going to visit a family who are homeless today and passed two three bed flats for rent. When I phoned the agent, I was told they were both only for letting to students. Then I thought I would check the internet.

Lots of expensive houses that are only for letting to students. What with that and Airbnbs, it’s an inhospitable market out there in Falmouth.

I guess all those homeless families in emergency accommodation miles from their work and children’s schools will just have to keep looking in an ever shrinking pool… Landlords - there are a lot of people out there who aren’t students who desperately need a home. And they would be great tenants.

****feel like I need to put an addendum on here. If a house has HMO status it is often sold at a premium as more rent can be gathered from it, which makes it difficult to revert back to renting normally. No one’s doing anything wrong, it’s just a particular squeeze at the moment due to Airbnbs and high prices encouraging people to sell. It’s intensely shrunk the private rental market. We need a rebalance and more social housing.****

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