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Government scraps Green Homes Grant after 6 months

So, the government’s only serious attempt to give grants for householders to make their homes greener and more energy efficient has folded within 6 months.

They gave the admin contract to a big American firm and were surprised when they failed to administer it properly. Workmen didn’t get paid, people didn’t get their grants. The scheme failed. I bet the US firm got paid. Have the government learned nothing about contracting vital services out from the Test, Track and Trace fiasco?! Repeating the same mistakes, over and over.

Labour have plans for a green economic recovery from Covid. The community energy grants and feed in tariffs from the last Labour government have long gone now. We need investment, not empty promises and failed schemes. The retrofit project in Cornwall only covers 83 homes. We need a serious attempt to reduce carbon on a much wider scale than that.

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