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Green Fund money for Falmouth

19 March 2021.

Funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy Fund has been distributed. The fund is backing projects that support low-carbon infrastructure.

Falmouth Town Council has been awarded £43,276 to install a boardwalk as part of what is known as the Falmouth Green Corridor.

Simon Penna, Grounds and Facilities Manager at the town council, said the tender to supply and install the boardwalk was currently being advertised.

He added: “As well as the obvious improvement the boardwalk will make to Falmouth’s infrastructure, the aim of the project is to give continuous pedestrian connectivity from the town’s major area of development along Bickland Water Road to Swanpool, the town and coastal path beyond.

“The aspiration is to have a pleasant route that people will use in preference to taking their vehicles and the well-being benefits of walking in the natural environment will help improve the lives of our residents.

“There are a number of community groups that voluntarily maintain parts of what is known locally as Falmouth Green Corridor, they as well as many professionals and interested parties have come together to form the Falmouth Green Corridor Forum.

“When the news that the bid had been successful came through we were all delighted; many comments have been received, but the overriding feeling is that it is great to have something so positive going on in what has been a very difficult time for so many people.

“Work to clear the route in preparation is well underway, benefits are emerging even in the early stages, with invasive plant species being eradicated, check dams being created to slow flood water down and habitats created for our wildlife.”

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