Helpful links for homelessness

I have been talking to a number of people suffering homelessness in Cornwall this week. I have been getting some info together as I go through their cases with them and have found a few helpful links for those who find themselves in that position. The first thing of course is to... find your councillor! - Register with the council's housing options service - Shelter housing advice charity main website - These Shelter pages are helpful to explain the homelessness process - Government site - Relevant page of Citizens Advice - Claim Housing benefit - This is how you know if you can claim - You can if you live in temporary or emergency accommodation. Crisis and Care Awards from the council - First Light/Safer Futures – support for people affected by domestic violence across cornwall – Tel: 0300 777 4 777 or True Butterflies – support for families affected by domestic abuse - Welfare benefit advice service in Falmouth - Application for school transport - and the Home to School Transport Policy -

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