Housing Crisis in Cornwall

This is the main thing people are talking about when I knock on their doors.

In Falmouth the crisis in the private rented sector is particularly acute, because as well as second homes and holiday lets, we have many houses converted to student lets. Renting to students is more lucrative and so, understandably, this has led to a shrinking of the private rented sector market for other people. The university is a great thing, but the accommodation simply wasn’t planned to go with it. Falmouth was failed.

Baldly, there simply aren’t enough homes available at a sensible price for people on local incomes who need them.

Add to that the post-pandemic explosion in the sales market with houses being sold at high prices almost immediately and the fact that we don’t have enough council/social housing and we’re staring in the face of a real housing crisis.

What can we do?

1. Lobby government to enable us to charge a council tax levy on second homes and ringfence the proceeds for provision of truly affordable housing in Cornwall.

2. Build/buy more decent council homes/social housing as quickly as we possibly can.

Support other forms of housing, like co-operatives.

3. Enforce covenants in sold off council housing so they are turned back into family homes if they’ve become second homes/holiday lets/student lets.

4. Use compulsory purchase orders on empty homes.

5. Change the definition of ‘affordable’ in Cornwall so it’s linked to local wages, not inflated house prices/rents.

There’s a housing crisis in Cornwall.

Please #voteLabour for the tools to fix it.

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