Huge rise in Covid cases in Cornwall

Updated: Mar 27

BBC Politics Southwest. Sun 20 March 2022

I was asked about the huge rise in covid cases on Politics

Southwest last week (numbers have reached new heights in Cornwall) which has followed the Government scrapping restrictions.

Free testing goes next week and PCR testing centres are being removed. I’ve been trying numerous times this week to get hold of lateral flow tests, but it’s not easy. The government website is constantly saying it’s out of stock.

And this is at a time when cases in Cornwall are higher than they’ve ever been. There’s still not proper sick pay to cover covid absences for many people, so if the government simply doesn’t provide the tests or ask people to isolate any more, there are probably already thousands of people walking around with covid, untested, that we’re not aware of.

Fortunately, fewer are getting very seriously ill, but there were still 180 people admitted to hospital in Cornwall last week with covid and 19 people died.

Covid hasn’t gone away, despite the government pretending it has.

Please use your mask, wash your hands, keep testing (if you can get the tests!). Be mindful and careful.

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