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I’ve been out on Old Hill Crescent and Bowles Road today

Residents are looking forward to the skatepark being built, the basketball courts are always full and people were out in the sun on the green spaces around the Dracaena Centre. The Beacon (finally) has new play equipment and some benches, planting and a path has been put in by Cornwall Council using the Making Space for Nature funding.

The estate is a different place to the one described in this article. However, that doesn’t mean the place should be forgotten. The Beacon Regeneration Partnership has gone now the funding has run out and the benches look tired and the smaller green spaces need some love.

Cornwall Housing are behind with the maintenance because of covid and there’s a backlog of stuff that needs doing, properly. I heard about a number of jobs outstanding today from residents.

Penwerris still needs people to shout for it on the council. It needs a loud councillor! I want to be that person.

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