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Luke Pollard speaking in Westminster debate on housing

Luke Pollard is our nearest Labour MP (at the moment!) just over the border in Plymouth. Luke will be speaking in a debate on housing in Westminster tomorrow.

I’ve been working with Luke On our *First Homes Not Second Homes* campaign and he is well-briefed on housing issues in Cornwall.

But please read his post below and if there is anything else you want me to pass on to him from Cornwall to raise in the debate, let me know.

The housing crisis is getting worse. There are thousands of people in #plymouth struggling to afford a home of their own. House prices are skyrocketing and rents are increasing too. There are not enough homes that are genuinely affordable. Tomorrow I am speaking in a debate in Parliament on the housing crisis in Devon and Cornwall. I am very vocal about the need for every westcountry family to have a first home, not letting our region become dominated by second homes and airbnbs, but we need more genuinely affordable homes too. I want to hear your views about the housing crisis and I'll be trying to use some of the most powerful stories in my speech tomorrow at 2.30pm. I know so many people are struggling because we not only have a housing crisis we have a cost of living crisis too. The Conservatives locally and nationally are not doing enough to help people. Plymouth Labour has a plan to bring down the waiting list for housing, with support for renters, a plan to bring empty homes back into use and a new effort to kickstart new house building and tackling homelessness. But the scale of the crisis now is huge and we need Tory Ministers to start funding us fairly as a city so we can get on and build the homes we need. Send me your stories so I can use them in my speech. You can message me on this page, email me on or post in the comments. Housing is a human right and far too many people in our communities cannot afford a safe roof over their heads. It is not good enough and tomorrow I will be making the case for urgent action from Ministers. Plymouth deserves better and with your help I want to make that case.

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