The Cornwall Council Budget

This week I wrote about the budget and also that I am going to put my name forward for selection to be the Labour Party candidate at the next General Election, whenever that may be.

Since I was first elected to Cornwall Council 4 years ago I have tried to work for the whole of the community, but in particular, the most vulnerable, as they are the ones who need support most and are the least likely to access it. Since I’ve become a councillor that need has become far greater. There are so many more people in housing need, struggling to access care or in food poverty.

Since May, Cornwall has had a Conservative council and 6 Conservative MPs. They promised to work together for Cornwall. However, on Tuesday, I sat through a Conservative budget that cut 10% of council jobs and cut or privatised £60 million of vital care and children’s services.

This is so far from the Cornwall we could be living in. We could have a Cornwall with new, green, high-quality jobs, truly affordable and decent social rented homes. A health and social care service that offers good care when we need it. A Cornwall where our children don’t feel they have to leave to find work or a home they can afford to live in, where our environment is nurtured and respected.

It feels like we’re going in the wrong direction, which is why I’m going to put my name forward.

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