Update on campaign for Falmouth's swimming pool

A good summary of the current situation with Ships and Castles from Cllr Jude Robinson:

It was absolutely brilliant to see the Princess Pavilion packed last night, with people keen to support the campaign for a swimming pool for Falmouth. I will never understand what possessed Cornwall Council to allow Ships and Castles to be run down and closed before even beginning to think about a new pool but it has happened so we have to deal with it.

The amazing people of Pendennis Leisure are working so hard to find funding and I hope last night's meeting encouraged more people to get involved. Falmouth Councillors are still exploring every option to provide a swimming pool for residents.

As I said last night, we may be overtaken by events if Cornwall Council put the whole site on the market - it is legally their land and they can do what they like with it.

So, it would be very helpful if people could email their Cornwall Councillor - find them here or the Portfolio Holder who championed the decision to close Ships and Castles: and ask politely for a pause in the proposed sale so that we can continue to explore possibilities. No-one wants this to drag on but we do need time to do the work.

Also mentioned last night was the Community Asset Registration, which is already on hold. Registering the site would mean that if it is put up for sale, there would be a six month opportunity for the community to buy it. The reason for pausing that is we would rather Cornwall Council devolved it to us for free than have to raise money to buy it.

But then of course, we get back to the big problem. If the whole site and the pool building is devolved to Falmouth Town Council, how do we pay for the running costs without hiking up our share of council tax. Most Councillors (myself included) have ruled out a rise - there are going to be enough inflation and added costs over the next year without taking on more liabilities.

Over the last few months, I feel I have lived and dreamed with Ships and Castles and swimming pools in my head but that is not going to change any time soon.

Jude Robinson. Truro and Falmouth Labour - Arwenack Councillor

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