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We need to ban 'no fault' evictions

I am listening to the private rented sector section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions housing discussion on BBC Women’s Hour.

It’s startling in Cornwall how this has become an issue disproportionately affecting women & children in the last 2yrs. Single parents and their children appear to have been evicted more than any other people in my division recently.

They are often then ripped away from their support network & placed in emergency accommodation miles away.

Then they can’t get the children to their school as there’s only very limited help with travel. And then they’re stung with an emergency accommodation bill they’re not told about.

I want to change Cornwall Council transport policy so we can get those children to their schools. And prioritise women & children in emergency accommodation on Homechoice.

Time for a motion to Cornwall Council…

And time for the Government to pull its finger out, keep its promise (for once) and put banning section 21 no fault evictions in the upcoming Queen’s Speech.

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