Will Cornwall be 'Levelled Up'?

Today the government publishes its ‘Levelling Up’ White Paper. I have looked at the initial media & seen the 10 ‘missions’. I struggled to get much detail out of Michael Gove’s media round this morning.

I want to see the details of how it will work operationally and what the measurable targets will be. 2030 seems a long time away for the ‘missions’ to be set for. If anywhere qualifies for investment, under pretty much any indicator, then it’s Cornwall.

Cornwall is to enter negotiations for more devolution. Whether a mayor is to be imposed upon us, the Council Leader given more power, or some other arrangement, is not yet clear.

I am hoping #cornwall gets its transport bid which has been developed with a lot of work and co-operation across the council and bus companies. It will make a difference to us if that is successful.

One of the ‘missions’ is about literacy and numeracy. Some of the detail has been released on that. 55 new Education Investment Areas have been announced. It is good news that Cornwall has been named as one of those, but bad news that we qualified by being one of the "55 cold spots of the country where school outcomes are the weakest". I look forward to receiving the detail of what that will mean for Cornwall’s education system and what concrete support it will entail. So far it looks like some retention bonuses for a few teachers and enforced academisation of schools that are rated below Ofsted good. Maybe some support on FE?

The media are all reporting that Mr Gove has no new funding to offer as part of this White Paper, so it will be interesting to see what can, in reality, be done. 2 Feb 2022

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