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International Women's Day

International Women’s Day has just finished. And like most women, I’ve been too busy to stop and say anything about it until now.

Today I:

- filed my newspaper column

- met with Cornwall Council’s Leader, CEO & other opposition leaders to dissect the devolution options that may exist for the Duchy.

- rushed back to my division to do an interview with the Financial Times on the Shared Prosperity Fund which has been long promised to replace Cornwall’s EU funding but has not yet delivered anything.

- went to Sainsbury’s & bought the ingredients for my son’s GCSE Catering exam tomorrow (a whole chicken?! A million spices!)

- met with the council’s chief legal officer to discuss my draft of a formal challenge to the Ships and Castles closure Cabinet decision.

- ran my Chair’s briefing for the Pensions Committee before I chair the full meeting on Thursday. Discussed our quick reaction to the Ukraine conflict in pulling our Russian investments, & the Conservative administration’s plan to change the voting rights on the committee so that a Labour councillor is less likely to be the chair next year (yes, really!)

- had my quarterly group leader’s meeting with the council CEO

- went to the weekly catch up meeting with my lovely group of Labour councillors

- attended a Labour Future Candidates scheme briefing - I’m on the programme for future parliamentary candidates.

-cooked dinner

- prepared myself for a school governors’ Ofsted preparation meeting and the Children’s Scrutiny meeting I am covering tomorrow

-answered as many emails, phone calls, social media messages etc as I humanly could

- spoke to a planning officer about two big contentious planning applications in my division

What I didn’t do that I really needed to do today:

- have breakfast; write the 1500 word article on housing I promised Luke Pollard, rewrite that complicated Call-In application, answer my huge backlog of emails..

But I did get to big up our fabulous Councillor Kirstie Edwards- Deputy Mayor for Falmouth who had an interview published in Cornwall Live today on what she does & how she does it.

Us women are too busy *doing* to go on about it! There needs to be more of us in public life and in politics, as well as in so many more fields.

My last thought is to leave a piece of advice from one of my inspirational uni friends who’s been named on the list of top women in PR!

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